As a unified group, we strive to preserve and improve our rights and benefits. Our mission as Teaching Assistants, School Safety Personnel, and Library Assistants is to provide a highly skilled and certified staff to the learning environment for every student. We are often on the front line with students and strive to maintain a clean, safe school and to maintain the integrity of Township District 86. We will work to maintain administration’s respect for us as highly qualified individuals who bring years of education and dedication to the district as employees.



                                                       H86SSA Executive Board

President: Regina Cottini Rivieria                                 

Vice President Central: Lynn Gronewold                    

Vice President South  Steve Matozzi                            

Grievance Chair   Linda Ponce Cousineau                  

 Treasurer  Rita Syracuse                                                   

Secretary   Brittany Coleman                                           .                                           

Regional Council Representative:   Patti Linden Lewis

                            Building Representatives-  “Your  Go To Contact in Your Building”

Hinsdale South:     

Bert Kleyweg  

 Jean Harris       

Transition Center:  

Kathy Lenzo       

Carrie John Leary

Hinsdale Central:

Deborah Powell

Mala Jahan      











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