Times they are a changing

In the spirit of Homecoming, H86SSA members have found reason to rejoice!  

At a recent Hinsdale Central Late Start meeting, Special Education department chairs Robin Vannoy and Jim Westphal brought up the subject of why staff are not signing  up to work extracurricular activities with students with IEP’s. 

Up until about two years ago, this wasn’t an issue. The district office decided that we were not entitled to the regular stipend rate, and therefore cut our extracurricular rates to as much as 75% less. No wonder there was a shortage of staff lining up! 

Because we now have a voice and it’s just flat out the right thing to do. Our membership of over 100 strong can now effect change and have a seat at the grown ups table! 

From a meeting between Tammy Prentiss, Dominic Manuscalco, Ribin Vannoy and Jim Westphal: 

“When there is a special education student that is participating in a school sponsored sport, club or activity and the IEP team believes that they will need para support in order to access the opportunity…..

I am ecstatic to share with you that we are now able to pay them using the same rate that is in the CBA!! Refer to page 32 for the rates. Typically, it will be the “Up to 4 hours” which is $74.04.”

“Thus you will now get the same rate of pay that is provided through the Athletics office.”-Robin Vannoy 

 Woot woot!! Indeed! To our colleagues at Hinnsdale South and the Transition Center, please know that H86SSA is empowering us to take a stand!  



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