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Fairness for ALL educational employees!


One problem with our capitalist system is the subjective nature of the value we place on the work individuals do, which then translates into objective salaries.  Often, the amounts different professions make have little to do with the value of the work provided.  Some people do virtually nothing to become billionaires—they just inherit their fortunes.  Then, there is the exorbitant money professional performers make, which seems out of proportion to the work they do—swinging bats, singing songs, shooting hoops, or just being “famous” can translate into $10,000,000+ a year (not to mention getting paid to sign your name).  Most of us, however, wouldn’t complain about the earning power of doctors; they perform vital public services and can only be licensed to heal after extensive and arduous study/practice.  There are also the jobs that are generally undervalued, but rewarded much more reasonably in some places—my old job, teaching, being a good…

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