Hinsdale District 86 crazy Tea Party board of ed members. Claudia Manley bullies students.

Fred Klonsky


Marissa Dupont is a senior at Hinsdale South.

An anonymous reader scolded me for calling out some of the Hinsdale District 86 board of education members.

“So are you trotting out the “Tea Party” label as a scare tactic just because you are clearly ardently pro-teachers’ union, and these folks aren’t?”

Regular readers know that I spent a lot of time posting about the events in suburban Hinsdale. The sad situation is a cautionary tale of what happens when low turnout for board elections allow for organized Tea Party groups – often funded by folks like the Koch brothers – to take control of a local school board.

You know something is up when these people use the term pro-teacher as a pejorative.

What is the opposite of pro-teacher union?

Anti-teacher union.

Claudia Manley is a member of the self-proclaimed anti-teacher union faction on the Hinsdale District 86 board.


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