Hinsdale South student claims harassment from District 86 Board member District 86 petition Hinsdale South senior Marissa Dupont of Burr Ridge, photographed last summer, has started an online petition asking a Hinsdale Hig

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Hinsdale South student claims harassment from District 86 Board member
District 86 petition
Hinsdale South senior Marissa Dupont of Burr Ridge, photographed last summer, has started an online petition asking a Hinsdale High School District 86 Board member to resign. (Kimberly Fornek, Pioneer Press)
By Kimberly Fornek
Pioneer Press
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Hinsdale South students starts online petition to remove District 86 Board member
Student says Hinsdale District 86 Board member harassed her
A senior at Hinsdale South High School has started an online petition to oust Claudia Manley from the Hinsdale High School District 86 Board.

Seven vie for three seats on Hinsdale High School District 86 Board

Marissa Dupont of Burr Ridge accuses Manley of harassing and bullying her while she was handing out campaign pamphlets for candidates running for the School Board in the April 7 election.

District 86 petition
Acting superintendent Bruce Law, who replaces former superintendent, Nicholas Wahl, takes a spot next to board president Claudia Manley at Monday’s meeting. (Annemarie Mannion, Chicago Tribune)
Dupont said she was handing out campaign fliers for Jennifer Planson, Bill Carpenter and Kathleen Hirsman outside Hinsdale South High School before the start of the school play March 12. The slate of candidates is opposed by another slate aligned with the current board majority, of which Manley is part, though Manley is not up for re-election this year.

Dupont said Manley approached her and told her she was disappointed in her and that what she was doing was not appropriate. Dupont said Manley told her she was ruining her daughter’s senior play. Manley’s daughter was performing in the play, Dupont said, but she was not with her mother.

Dupont, who was with an adult friend, said she tried to walk away from Manley, but Manley walked after her, continuing to harass her.

It is rumored via twitter that DuPoint contrived this news media event for personal gain. If you know DuPont, you know exactly what that means.
AT 7:52 PM MARCH 16, 2015

Manley did not respond to requests for comment.

Dupont said she does not cry easily, but Manley’s remarks upset her to the point of tears. Dupont reported Manley called her a bully for handing out the campaign material.

“I have had a tough time with bullying in middle school,” Dupont said. “I take (being called a bully) very, very personally.”

Later that evening, March 12, Dupont said she contacted District 86 Superintendent Bruce Law to ask if handing out campaign pamphlets outside school broke any laws.

Costly campaigns for District 86 School Board
Costly campaigns for District 86 School Board
Law said he sent an email to Dupont, which he copied to her mother, saying he knew of no board policies that prohibited someone from handing out campaign materials outside school. That opinion was supported by legal counsel, Law said.

Dupont said she returned to Hinsdale South Friday night, March 13, to hand out campaign materials with five other people. Dupont said Manley was there and took pictures of her with her phone. Dupont said Manley yelled at her, telling she was violating board policy.
The principal of Hinsdale South, Stephanie Palmer, and a police officer, were there and intervened in the situation.

Law acknowledged the officer and principal were there.

“Safety of people, especially students, is the most important thing,” Law said. “We had reports of a disturbance Thursday and heard there could be further disturbances.”

Dupont believes Manley was the bully and her behavior is inappropriate for a person elected to the School Board, just as it’s inappropriate for a teacher or student.

“I think it’s entirely inappropriate someone would act in that way and do it without consequences,” Dupont said.

Marissa Dupont Burr Ridge, IL

Students aren’t allowed to bully each other; they get suspended if they do. Teachers aren’t allowed to harass students; they get fired if they do. If teachers and students can’t behave in that manner, why should District 86 Board member Claudia Manley be allowed to? She did just that on two consecutive evenings, at Hinsdale South High School, last Thursday and Friday. I was harassed and bullied by Mrs. Manley for exercising my freedom of speech. I was handing out pamphlets for the 2,3,5 slate outside of the school before our spring play on Thursday when she approached me. She immediately began harassing me about the inappropriateness of my behavior, informing me I was ruining her daughter’s senior play and a bully. When the adult that was with me tried to intervene, Mrs. Manley stepped around her and continued harassing me. As I tried to walk away, she continued pursuing me. She continued this verbal abuse for ten minutes, occasionally making remarks at the adult I was with. She continued to harass me, even as I became visibly emotional and upset. She only stopped when her husband reminded her that the play was going to start. I have received overwhelming support from my teachers and administrators in this unfortunate situation. However, this behavior shouldn’t be acceptable from anyone– board member, parent, or adult. She should resign her position or be compelled to by the Board of Education.
District 86 Board of Education
Remove board member Claudia Manley after bullying incidents
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