BOE majority has spent $337,000 on legal fees alone

As we begin to move toward the all important April 7th election for Hinsdale High School District 86 Board of Education members, here are some things you should know:

*The current BOE majority led by Dr. Skoda ignored the advice of CFO Bill Egan and levied an amount lower than Egan’s recommendation for the levy amount necessary to keep D86 out of a loss position. This was on top of the previous year’s ill advised 0% tax levy.

*The BOE majority also unwisely chose to waive the “loss and cost” payment for delinquent taxpayers, costing D86 an additional $400K in lost revenue.

*At the most recent meeting it was revealed that as a result of not heeding Egan’s advice D86 is already on track for a loss position in the neighborhood of $1,700,000.

*At the same meeting Skoda repeatedly made misleading comments citing the most recent teacher’s contract as the sole cause of the shortfall, even though he knew the actual additional yearly expense of the new contract was half the amount he stated.

*In the first six months of the 2014-15 fiscal year this BOE majority has spent $337,000 on legal fees alone, far above the amount budgeted.

*The BOE majority of Skoda, Corcoran, Manley and Casini have already made overtures about the need to eliminate 20-25 teaching positions from Hinsdale South next year as a result of their poor financial planning.

*The BOE majority has no plans to replace the current Director of Building and Grounds at Hinsdale South, who recently tendered his resignation- another ill advised attempt to do school “on the cheap”.

*The “Skodites” candidate slate received a $10,000 campaign donation from a man who is a long time advocate of breaking the teacher association. He is a radical right wing anti-public school individual who sends his own children to private schools. Equally radical BOE VP Corcoran donated $5K to their campaign.

*The Board Majority has spent over $27,000 on a residency verification company in an attempt to identify students attending Hinsdale Central or South who do not live in the district. To date no non-residents have been found.

These are but a few examples of the mismanagement of a great high school district by a group with an extreme political agenda. Their actions are disruptive to the goal of providing a quality education, they are divisive to the community as a whole, and portray D86 in a totally unprofessional light. Their micromanagement makes it very difficult for talented educators to properly do their jobs.

This is why the April 7th BOE elections are so critical. We must elect all three candidates of the District 86 Education First slate- Jennifer Planson, Kathleen Hirsman, and Bill Carpenter.

The future of two great high schools is at stake.

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TuesdayFeb 2015
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