Board Discusses High Turnover Rates of Para Educators

These notes were taken from a member of the audience at the most recent Board of Ed meeting in Hinsdale.  11/3/14

HR Turnover Report: Mr. Maniscalco noted that he tracked retention by groups; teachers, administrators, parapro’s, etc. for the past four years and then came up with an average. The overall turnover rate of all groups, for the four years, is 8.9%. Mr. Maniscalso said that there has been “minimal movement” of teachers in 2013-14. Many tenured and non-tenured staff left for a whole host of reasons. Mr. Maniscalco did not mention the high turnover rate among administrators for the past year. He did comment on the very high turnover rate among paraprofessionals and said this was a big concern. He also noted many other districts pay a high rate of pay, compared to District #86, for their parapro’s. Mr. Corcoran thought a ‘blind survey’ should be used relative to why people are leaving the district.. Dr. Skoda said retention isn’t a new issue and that the past board wasn’t interested in the issue.

Thank you Mr. Maniscalco for bringing attention to this important issue. 

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