You think the Hinsdale board was crappy to teachers? Look at what they are doing to plow over the support staff.

Just when you think it’s safe to get back in the water!

Fred Klonsky


I read you everyday and have greatly relished your posts about both Hinsdale and Waukegan School Districts. I’m with the newly formed Support Staff Bargaining Association and we’re trying desperately to capture some of the vast community support that the locals showed to our teachers. You think the district was crappy to the teachers, you can imagine how they are trying to plow us over! Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hinsdale Patch:

At a recent Hinsdale Board of Education meeting, current Director of Human , Dominick Maniscalco presented the historical staff retention rates to the board. While nearly all of us either know or have heard that during the acrimonious contract negotiations several highly qualified high school teachers fled the district. What most people aren’t aware of is that for the school Support Staff, the retention rate for last year was a miserable 47%…Less than half…

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