Sign on the Dotted Line

Woo Hoo… at last night’s board meeting, the member voted 4-3 in favor of signing the teacher’s tentative agreement, a new contract is on the way!!  It was great to see some of you at the meeting last night and I hope I can count on you to come to your association meetings too. We are forming the bylaws and and we’d love to see you at the next meeting on:

Oct 29th at 4:00 at The Patio on Rt 83 in Willowbrook.

Pretty soon we’ll will be accepting nominations for board positions and would love for any of you to consider adding your name in the our first ever board for H86SSA  followed by elections. It’s important that we have representation from all three campuses, South, Central and the Transition Center. If you want someone to represent your building, your department, then get in there and nominate yourself or a colleague!!  Between the two of us, John and I will keep everyone posted! Have a great day, Lynn

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