No More Glossy Flyers!

Pretty much sums up how it is

Smoke & Mirrors: The Hinsdale D86 BOE

I have had it with the lies and misinformation from the D86 Board Majority of Skoda, Corcoran, Manley and Casini. Yesterday (10/2) the teachers’ union, in a last attempt to avoid a strike, offered to accept the first two years of the BOE’s most recent contract offer. By the Board Majority’s own figures this contract would have kept D86 on sound financial footing.

Of even more significance, it would have kept the students in school, avoided interruption of the college application process for seniors and allowed juniors to prepare for the all important ACT test. Fall athletics, cheer, danceline, band, chorus, and theater activities would have continued as planned.

The offer by the teachers could have provided a much needed cooling off period for negotiations, removed the specter of a strike and perhaps provided common ground for a longer term agreement.

The Board rejected the offer THE SAME DAY. They…

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