Hinsdale teachers reject board offer. Vote to back union deal.

I hope to see my Support Staff colleagues in attendance!

Fred Klonsky


Hinsdale board president Richard Skoda claimed teachers would accept the board offer if they could see it. They saw it and rejected it.

For Immediate Release

October 5—Hinsdale IL—The Hinsdale teachers’ association today released the results of a test vote on the Board’s offer and the teachers’ proposal.

“The vote was overwhelming. The teachers rejected the Board’s offer and approved our negotiators’ offer on today’s private ballot,” said John Bowman, president of the teachers’ association.

“President Skoda likes to claim that the teachers would accept his offer if they could see it. They’ve seen it, and 99% rejected it. 80% of the teachers also approved our offer in the test vote.”

None of the results of the test votes are binding, but they provide a clear indication of the sentiments of the teachers about the two offers.

“We have made a sustainable, competitive offer that is fully-funded using the district’s…

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