Comparing the Proposals: What to Do?

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If you’ve read the first two articles in this three-part series (see and on the battle between the Hinsdale High School Teachers Association (HHSTA, the teachers’ union) and the Hinsdale Township High School District school board and you’ve come back for more, then you probably agree that the teachers’ contract proposal is by far more reasonable than the board’s and should be accepted as is.

The teachers’ most recent offer includes very small base salary increases, alters the salary schedule to the board’s advantage, raises teacher contributions to insurance costs, reduces retirement incentives by half, and agrees to the board request for board members to stop having to talk to teachers.  The board’s proposal goes much further, almost doubling the time it takes for teachers to earn top salaries (35 versus 19 years), tacking on an insurance surcharge for teachers who are married, creating an inequitable work…

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