Unfortunate turn of events

September 9, 2014

From: Hinsdale Township High School District 86

Board of Education

To: The District 86 Community

Hinsdale High School Teachers Association Initiates Strike Process

Hinsdale High School Township District 86 was disappointed and surprised that the Hinsdale High School Teachers Association (HHSTA) today took the first step of the legal process that could result in a strike. After months of requesting a counter offer, the HHSTA finally responded to the Board at 10 p.m. on Sunday, September 7. The Board met for over an hour on Monday, September 8, to discuss the offer. The entire Board determined that time would be needed to cost out the HHSTA’s proposal and compare it to the cost of the District’s current proposal. The HHSTA agreed that it was necessary to meet with District finance to ensure that both parties are using the same numbers to allow an “apples-to-apples” comparison between the two offers.





Time Elapsed

Sunday, September 7

10 p.m.

HHSTA Delivers Proposal to Board


Monday, September 8

6 p.m.

D86 BoE Meeting

20 hours

Tuesday, September 9

3:30 p.m.

HHSTA Initiates Public Posting Process

21.5 hours


41.5 hours

The Hinsdale District 86 community should know that the District is still committed to reaching a deal that is fair to all parties involved and can be sustained over time and believes the HHSTA is committed to the same.

Until a work stoppage occurs, all courses, activities and athletics will continue as usual.

The Strike Calendar

Because the HHSTA has filed notice of a public posting period, a 28-day strike calendar starts. Within seven days, each party must submit its most recent offer and a cost summary of the offer to the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board (IELRB), the mediator and the other party. If negotiations remain unsettled seven days later, the IELRB posts the offers on its website. On that date, the school Board posts the offers on its website and notifies the media of the availability of the offers. The teachers may not strike until at least 14 days after the posting by the IELRB, a total of 28 calendar days. In addition, the teachers may not strike before giving at least 10 days written notice of intent to strike with the District 86 Board, the regional superintendent and the IELRB. The 10-day notice can be given at any time and can run concurrently with the 28-day posting period, it is not in addition to the 28-day posting period.

We are disappointed that the timing of their notice would allow them to strike right before the South-Central football game this year, which is also Hinsdale Central’s homecoming.

It is the sincere hope of the Board of Education and District 86 Administration that a settlement may be reached to avoid any disruption to classroom instruction. A contingency plan has already been made and District 86 will hold school in the event of a strike. Please note that teachers are not to discuss negotiations with or in front of students during the school day.

As negotiations between the Board and the HHSTA continue, the District will notify parents and guardians of breaking events by District-registered email, telephone using the District’s automated notification system, Twitter @HinsdaleD86, the District website http://www.Hinsdale86.org, and local media.

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