School Boards: 1. Detrimental Approaches

cap (1)Last year, I published an eBook entitled Snowflake Schools. Its main purpose (outside of selling several million of them, of course) is to show how things work in our public schools and the simplest ways to make things better from the perspective of an insider, a teacher of thirty-three years, who coupled with his union activism experienced how both the classroom and the bureaucracy worked.

Schools are bastions of academia as well as hotbeds of political intrigue, but few teachers actively participate in the bureaucratic end of education, finding it unpleasant or too time consuming on top of teaching five classes a day. Those that do typically become administrators and thus ex-teachers, no longer spending time in the classroom working with kids. I thought my union a great opportunity to be able to participate in determining my “hours, wages, and terms/conditions of employment” as Illinois collective bargaining law states. So…

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