The Elephant in the Room

Smoke & Mirrors: The Hinsdale D86 BOE

Let me start by saying that I have supported Republican Party candidates at the national and local level for the majority of my adult life. The last Democrat I voted for was George McGovern, for those old enough to remember him. Of course back then I also had hair down to my shoulders. Over the years I have lost both my hair and my liberal views.

Recent developments in DuPage County, specifically in Hinsdale D86, have me questioning whether I can continue to support Republican candidates moving forward. In my own elementary school district the local Republican committee person has gone door to door passing out sample ballots urging people to vote against school referenda and representing this as the position of the Party. I was so incensed that I contacted the DuPage County Republican organization. I was assured that the Republican Party’s policy was not to get involved in…

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