Hinsdale’s Dr. Skoda is quite the hypocrite, isn’t he?

Words escape me….

Fred Klonsky


It is generally considered bad-faith bargaining to come back to the bargaining with a lower offer than what was offered previously. Collective bargaining assumes an intent on the part of both sides to move towards each other, finding common ground.

It was unexpected – but not out of character – for the Hinsdale board in suburban Chicago to engage in bad-faith bargaining.

From the press release of the Hinsdale High School Teachers Association:

After delaying for several weeks, Mr. Skoda surprised the teachers with a counterproposal that increased teacher healthcare costs more than their previous offer.

“It’s regressive bargaining,” said John Bowman, president of the Hinsdale teachers association. “We are moving towards them and they are moving away from us. I don’t think they really want to come to an agreement.”

Dr. Richard Skoda is the president of the Hinsdale board, a union-busting extremist.

And a hypocrite.

The recent election of…

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