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It’s not just D86 teachers resigning
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Under the leadership of new board majority members Skoda, Corcoran, Manley and Casini, nearly every top administrator has resigned. Teachers are resigning in record numbers. But what few have noticed is that the support staff are also resigning, and quickly.

The last Board agenda saw a lengthy list of resignations. The agenda for the September 8th meeting shows two pages of resignations of support staff! Support staff is fleeing the district faster than even the teachers, with 13 resignations on this agenda alone. Students with special needs are attending class with substitute aides as department chairs scramble to fill positions.

Support staff work directly one-on-one with those students who need the most assistance to be successful in our schools. These students, many of whom have IEP or 504 plan supports, are also the students most vulnerable and sensitive to change of routine. Often students form bonds of trust with these staff members and learn to rely upon them for meeting their academic and social-emotional needs during the school day. Loss of experienced support staff is devastating to these students, both academically and social-emotionally.

To the the new board majority, this of all about saving a buck regardless of the loss of valued staff and the impact upon the students these staff members serve.

Since support staff members have no contract nor, as yet, a recognized union, changes in their terms of their employment can be imposed on them at the whim of the board. Support staff have been told their salary schedule has been eliminated and their evaluation model unilaterally changed with no warning or input. Their breaks have now been mandated to be taken when they first arrive and at the end of the work day, rather than when needed during the workday. Their floating holidays are no longer their own, instead assigned to specific dates during the year. And they’ve been told their insurance benefits will see the type of increases Skoda and Corcoran have been trying to impose on district teachers, with costs for staff increasing as much as 229%.

For many of these vital employees, already underpaid in comparison to other districts, this type of premium increase would push them down to levels of income that make working for District 86 no longer financially viable.

So they are accepting positions with other districts and quickly resigning from Hinsdale D86.

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