Hinsdale’s Richard Skoda also causing trouble at the College of Du Page.

Fred Klonsky


Hi Fred,

He’s not just trying to screw up D86, he’s also spearheading the effort to bring down COD.

He’s going to meetings with his old buddies Roger Kempa and Dianne Barret and disrupting the meeting, heckling the board and speakers, and just making up any kind of charges he can. The guy is a sociopath.

First a link to the Preisdent of COD’s response which is pretty good, then some info from a parent.

COD President response:


From a parent:

Skoda and company are bringing their extreme, cut-everything agenda to COD,
another bastion of excellence that serves the community well, and does so in a
fiscally responsible manner. Like DC86, COD should be cherished, not attacked.

First, they claim that plans for a new academic building are somehow abusive
to the taxpayer–but COD has the money, and the plans for a new building–just
the plans at this stage–were…

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