Wait…can you repeat that? I love it when you tell me what’s best for me….


Once again we are told that our “floating holiday” isn’t really a floating holiday since we can’t choose when to use it…we have to have the administration tell us when we can take it…?  WHAT?

We’re told that we may have to use a personal day to go home on early release days….WHAT?

We’re told that in the event of a teacher’s strike, those of us who are certified may be asked to substitute for the teachers….isn’t that the very definition of a scab? WHAT?

We’re told that we have a 15 minute break the first thing before school starts, they want us to be at school at 7:30 so we can take a break till 7:45?? Our next break comes at the end of the work day…Bell rings at 3:00; students leave building, 3:15 many teachers leave building…from 3:15-3:30 we have a break and then go home at 3:30 immediately following our break.  the day….WHAT?



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