Things getting weirder in Hinsdale. Board files police report against teachers who *like* on Facebook.

We can’t make this stuff up!

Fred Klonsky


D86 board president Richard Skoda.

If you thought the Tea Party crazies on the Hinsdale board of education are off the rails, things just got weirder.

The latest episode began when the teachers posted an article about the District 86 negotiations on their Facebook page.

The article was from a local online news site called The Patch.

As sometimes happens, a totally unrelated photograph from a totally unrelated article involving an unrelated axe imbedded in the dashboard of an unrelatedcar was included when the article was posted to the teachers’ Facebook page.

Naturally the board members concluded the axe was intended for them.

I mean, who wouldn’t come to that conclusion? Even after the Patch officially took blame and apologized.

At a board meeting – the video of it is included with an earlier post – shows board president Richard Skoda screaming at teachers for laughing when he projected the picture…

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