Educational Support Staff…A Day in the Life

                  We do so Much More than Most People Realize.   We’re Vested and Involved in our Schools


                                                          We’re  Connected to the Community.  

                             On any given day, you can find us  supporting students by ………    

                                    Tutoring           Coaching              Mentoring        Club  Sponsor

                          Backpack Organizing Wizard     Homework Help      Lunch Support    

                              Speech & Language      Social Work     Field Trip Chaperone

                                  Job Coaching      Ticket Seller       Student Supervisor

                         Adaptive P.E.       Marching Band    Choir          Orchestra        

                               Test Proctor        Choir       Drama Club      Band Support

You can find us coaching……

                           Track             Water Polo           Girl’s Golf        Baseball     

                              Basketball            Football     La Crosse        Soccer

                                    Wrestling         Special Olympics     Referee  

                                         Chaperone for Field Trips, Prom & Competition

ImageImage ImageImageImageImage








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