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IMRF Manual 3.20 F. Annual Sick Leave as Required by the Illinois School Code

“Section-24.6 of the Illinois School Code requires school  districts to grant all employees eligible to participate in IMRF at least 10 days of sick leave at full pay in each school year. Each school district  can determine the maximum number of sick days an IMRF member can accumulate.  However, the maximum cannot be less than 180 days.

If your written personnel policies or a contract bargained  with your employees has a less generous sick leave policy, the requirements  of the Illinois School Code take precedence. If you have any further questions  regarding the sick leave requirements of the School Code, you can call  your Regional Superintendent of Schools.”


Unfortunately when working in a school, nasty colds and flu’s are a job hazard.  Other mishaps or surgeries may also require time off.  Add in sick, aged parents…

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