Off With Their Heads

Proof that unions are vital to employment security.
Proof that unions are vital to employment security

Our six permanent substitute teachers are on the chopping BOARD. After ‘typically’  blaming Obamacare, and SB7 (why?),  Mr. Maniscalco generously offered up six human beings to our school board to be sacrificed in the name of fiscal responsibility.

BUT WAIT! The board, in it’s generosity, is extending both its instructional assistant superintendent for another 45 days at $1,050 per day ($47,250 total) and its business manager for another 19 days (despite his cursing out an audience member at the January 8 Finance Committee meeting) for the same daily rate ($19,950 total).

But the subs, some who have worked here for many years, living paycheck to paycheck…GONE!! They believed their jobs were secure and they were BLINDSIDED by the news.

At least they were extended the option to come back as non-certificated, day to day subs. For part of  the year.  For a quarter of the pay.  Without the benefits they had been earning up till now.  And, with no insurance. How nice.

What will they do now?

We can’t really blame Mr. Maniscalco. He almost certainly had to put his name on a document that was a collective idea. Something to serve up as a show of appreciation, possibly? Possibly following orders.. It doesn’t
matter. What matters is that this is real, and this is happening now.

Please take a look at the documents below.  The “fiscally responsible” board is probably drooling at the numbers.  Anyone who doesn’t recognize how little this district cares about us as humans, who work so hard for them and this community, really do not care for their fellow workers either!!

viii C 1 subs

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