CC Respect & Responsibility

IMRF Manual 3.20 F. Annual Sick Leave as Required by the Illinois School Code

“Section-24.6 of the Illinois School Code requires school  districts to grant all employees eligible to participate in IMRF at least 10 days of sick leave at full pay in each school year. Each school district  can determine the maximum number of sick days an IMRF member can accumulate.  However, the maximum cannot be less than 180 days.

If your written personnel policies or a contract bargained  with your employees has a less generous sick leave policy, the requirements  of the Illinois School Code take precedence. If you have any further questions  regarding the sick leave requirements of the School Code, you can call  your Regional Superintendent of Schools.”


Unfortunately when working in a school, nasty colds and flu’s are a job hazard.  Other mishaps or surgeries may also require time off.  Add in sick, aged parents, sick children, and personal business, and your available time does not go far.  There are staff who have not been lucky enough to accumulate sick days and have had their paychecks docked due to unforeseen circumstances.   As seen below, other districts have enough consideration to allot their employees at LEAST the required 10 days, PLUS 2 personal days. Time may also be used as an incentive to lower costs by encouraging the accumulation of sick days, therefore not needing to pay a substitute.  On the other hand, District 86 TAKES AWAY from the lowest paid people of service.  Once again, we can’t make this stuff up….

Hinsdale 86

10 month employees -10 sick, the minimum required by law (8 sick, 2 personal…10 sick,  0 personal??)  12 month employees-12 sick

***2 of which may be used as personal days.  Cumulative up to 240 days for which purpose is not specified because handbook is vague where they want it to be.   It is not clear if partial payment or IMRF transferable at separation/retirement.  Or nothing. 

Niles 219

1 1/2 days earned per month, 4 of which may be used as personal                                          (i.e; 13 sick, 2 personal for a 10 month employee)

Wheaton 200

13 days per year (prorated for part-time employees), cumulative to 240 days (the current IMRF maximum accumulation)

two (2) personal days per year  Unused personal days shall accumulate as sick days

Lisle 202

fifteen (15) sick (pro-rated)

two(2)  personal

Westmont 201

fourteen (14) sick days per year

one (1) personal day

Roselle 108

15 sick days (employed 1-10 years, increases to 17, 19,,,)

2 personal days (3 after 4 years)

West Chicago 94

(13) days of sick leave (1/4 day increments)

(4) halfdays personal

Proviso 209

12 month-12 sick days  10 month-10 sick days

12 month-2 personal    10 month-1 personal

Elmhurst 205

1 sick day per month which may accumulate up to at least 240 days transferable to IMRF Four (4) personal-ten month     Five (5) personal-twelve month

New Trier

twelve-month employee fifteen (15) sick days    10-month employee twelve (12) sick days. May be accumulated to a maximum of two hundred days(200) 10-month or two hundred sixty days(260) for twelve-month employees.

Two (2) Personal

Downers 99

fifty-two (52) week employees eighteen (18) sick days accumulative to two hundred forty (240) days

forty-two (42) week employees sixteen (16) sick days accumulative to two hundred forty (240) days

Personal: Working in District 1-3 years 1 day accumulative to 3, Working in District 4-9 years 2 days accumulative to 3, Working in District 10+ years 2 days accumulative to 4

Lagrange Township Parapros

12 sick 2 Personal

Addison Trail/Willowbrook Aides 88

eleven (11) sick accumulate 240

three (3) personal

Glenbard 87 **CARING**

Fifteen (15) sick: 2 of which are required to donate yearly to sick bank, while the board donates 200 days yearly

2 personal

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