Who we ARE

Well before the flat tax levy, the superintendent, and therefore the board, were well aware of efforts being made by support staff to seek union representation. It is another example of how little we are respected, and what little regard they have for our basic needs.

It is shameful that in this district, someone who has worked loyally for 15 years at 86 makes less than some starting salaries in nearby districts.

And who are we? We are the people who support students in the most personal ways. We are the people who clean up after the students, who in their mad rush, don’t always have the best table manners or bathroom habits. We keep the building and grounds in conditions that are safe, clean, and conducive to learning. We are people who make all sporting, extra curricular, and special events ready to be enjoyed by all. We are the people who work hand in hand the administrators, the counselors, the social workers, the teachers, the parents, and the students, by answering questions, problem solving, and performing administrative duties that are REQUIRED for operations to run smoothly. We are the people who look after the health and safety of the students, whether it means helping students cross the street when it is 10 degrees below zero, or befriending a student who may be in need of one. We look after the security of all students by enforcing the rules and keeping an eye out for dangers. We are the people who give extra academic support and implement the IEP’s. But it doesn’t stop there. That person wears many hats…teacher, social and behavioral coach, mentor, parent, nurse, and personal care taker of those students who have the highest needs.

All of these people are being taken advantage of at district 86. They all stay for their own personal reasons, but that doesn’t make it right. The administrators and teachers are paid well, have many perks, and rightfully so. Many of us (support staff), work 2 jobs and/or any extra-curricular activities we can procure, just to make ends meet. We work so very hard and we are integral to the success of the district, and we are not even acknowledged.

Please check out the following links and compare YOUR worth:

links to Dupage school websites at which support staff contracts can be found

database of Illinois support staff salary studies

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