“By accepting things the way they are, we surrender our ability to change them for the better”…unknown

With your help we can make the changes we all know are necessary and right.

If you feel that your participation doesn’t matter because you don’t plan on staying at 86 long, please think again.

It is common for paras to have a degree in teaching or another related field. Some are former teachers. It is a joyous time when a colleague finally lands a job. But for some, working as a para has become a long term endeavor, for one reason or another. Take some time and ask your coworkers what credentials they have, and how long they have been working as a para.

You may think, “well, I’m not making a career of this”…and hopefully you are right. Just remember that life circumstances change and competition for jobs is tough. Let us not forget that for many of us, this is a career that we are proud of. We stay for the simple fact that we care.

It is believed by many that the administration and board just do not care about out circumstances because there is an infinite pool of over qualified people to fill the positions at low wages. Yes, low wages that you may find yourself accepting for more years than you had imagined.

When making your decision wether to support union representation, think about that possibility. And if not for you, please think of others who have come before you and watched staff like you come and go.

With your help, the board and administration will be forced to recognize us as the professionals that we are, and respond to us with fairness and parity. If they do not, that pool of staff will eventually become less professional and qualified, as we will not be able to afford to work there any longer.

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