Are you Satisfied, or just Pacified?

The support staff round table committee meets with district administration every so often to present questions, ideas, requests, and issues regarding compliance of the employee handbook.  Some issues addressed at the meetings include salaries, insurance, job descriptions (do we have those?),  and professional development.

We will be taking a look at these minutes and sharing them on this site, to further substantiate our need for union representation.  Throughout the minutes there is a running theme of placation, avoidance, excuses, false promises, and often, a big fat NO.

While we appreciate the hard work and dedication of our fellow support staff in trying to make our voices heard, the answer is clear.  Without a union in THIS district, support staff have no voice.  We are being pacified into believing they care, that they listen, and that they are proactive in engaging us.

While looking at the meeting minutes, read between the lines. In the responses to our concerns and results (or lack thereof) of these meetings, the truth is stated loudly:  We are at the bottom of the priority list, and they believe we are not intelligent enough, or brave enough to complain about it.

Here’s a pat on your head, now go to your room….


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