Your Rights in the United States

You have a legal right to:

  • Join a union.
  • Attend a union meeting on your own time.
  • Talk to a union organizer.
  • Declare yourself a union supporter.
  • Assist in forming a union.

Employers are forbidden by law to engage in certain conduct. Your employer may NOT legally:

  • Threaten you with discharge or punishment if you engage in union activity.
  • Threaten to shut down business if workers form a union.
  • Prevent you from soliciting members during non-working hours.
  • Question you about union matters, union meetings, or union supporters.
  • Ask how you or other workers intend to vote in an election.
  • Ask whether you belong to a union or have signed up to join a union.
  • Transfer or assign you to a less desirable work assignment because of your union activity.
  • Threaten to terminate your benefits because you unionize.
  • Threaten a layoff or loss of jobs in retaliation for voting for a union.

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