Update and Reinforcements


Hope everyone is having a good week and in good health. We have both been busy setting up a website/blog for us and can’t wait for you to see it! You’ll find a ton of information and links to about 20-area school Support Staff contracts for everyone to check out.

As you look through these contracts, I think you’ll begin to see that a contract for support staff is the norm and even may begin to see that what we are asking for is parity with our peers. Maybe you’ll see an issue that you face here at Central or South that other schools have found solutions to. Neighboring district contracts are a great place to start seeing what’s possible. Getting organized is going to take some time and we want to thank everyone for being upbeat and positive. We’re hoping you will continue to spread the word and encourage anyone to ask questions or leave a response on the blog, we want to know what issues matter to you?

Reinforcements are on the way! We’ve collected even more signatures this week and, the momentum is building. What’s more, we are happy to say that we now have many of the teachers we work with lending support for our cause. In addition to being one of the best in the state, the teaching staffs in our district are experienced with working with labor unions and school administrators. They want us to know that we’re not alone. The goodwill from some of our teachers goes as far as them asking what they can do to help. We’re working on a way to include those teachers who want to help us, maybe on the website? Any ideas? These guys are experienced in dealing with unions and will help us establish credibility.

(Way to go on ACT and PSAE rankings, the district couldn’t have done it without us!

Below is the link to the Hinsdale Support Staff Association website and we hope you like it or tell us how to make it better. We don’t claim to be good at putting up websites so any bit of advice is appreciated. Right now we are working on an anonymous survey where you can give input or comment on issues that affect you.

Enjoy the weekend, Para Pro


Be sure to check out the LT, Downers, Westmont, Naperville, and Lisle etc.

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